Akım Metal

Having over 43 years of experience in processing, Akım Metal is producing metal parts and metal injection parts for white goods, automotive, and industrial motor sectors in Tuzla-Istanbul. The purpose of the R&D center which established on October 17, 2011, is to acquire the ability to produce technology. Arçelik, Kordsa, and Tofaş were the first three of all R&D Centers, while AKIM METAL A.Ş. received the best R&D Center award in Machinery and Equipment sector. Akim Metal R&D teams work on electric motors and drives, industrial control systems, and intelligent systems. We develop architecture design, modular system design, embedded hardware, and software design, firmware for devices with embedded Linux or RTOS on processors, control algorithms, GUI design, subsystem integration, debugging, and testing. We also have experience and knowledge of smart mobile apps for Android and IOS. We focus on servo system platforms; we develop, produce and support in the fields of electric motors, motor drives, motion controllers, HMI, and CNC machines. Our aim is to develop smart manufacturing solutions for these systems and machining tools.

SESTEK Ses ve Iletisim Bilg. Tekn. San. Ve Tic. A.S.

SESTEK is a global high-technology company helping brands with conversational AI and Analytics solutions, to be data-driven, work efficiently and deliver better experiences for their customers. Since 2000, SESTEK has been developing patented technologies, leading a pioneering role in collaboration between academia and different industries i.e., finance, telecommunications, retail, public sector. Through commercial and R&D partnerships, SESTEK’s AI-backed solutions relies on text-to-speech, speech recognition, natural language processing and voice biometrics technologies. Today there are many world known ICT and Electronic brands’ products are designed with Sestek technologies. With 125 employees including 85 R&D engineers and a qualified sales force, SESTEK operates out of two government-licensed R&D offices in Turkey. SESTEK has one sales office in Dubai and a contractor in the UK to pursue sales activities in regions that are strategically prior. SESTEK has a proven record of success with 30+ funded R&D projects, including 4 EUREKA, 1 EUROSTARS, 1 Globalstars and 1 H2020. SESTEK has a high success rate and is well-known for transforming its R&D outcomes into notable sales projects representing 88% of income. Over the last 5 years, the company has been increasing revenue in double digits. Company invests more than 40% of its revenue in R&D and achieves a high rate of commercialization of R&D.

Vestel Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

Vestel, Turkey’s pioneer global brand in electronics, consists of 28 companies, of which 18 are located abroad. Products manufactured at Vestel are exported to 156 countries naming Vestel as the leader exporter of Turkey in electronics for 22 years. Vestel accounts for nearly 90% of Turkey’s total TV exports and 30% of Turkey’s total white goods exports.