Expert Analytics AS

Expert Analytics is a data science and analytics company with offices in Oslo (Norway) and Münich (Germany). Our 40 employees have extensive hands-on programming experience from industrial applications combined with a solid background (MSc or PhD) in natural sciences, mathematics and statistics. We offer high quality software solutions to complex challenges within data science, machine learning, scientific computing and data analysis. Applications range from anomaly detection, production optimization, and predictive maintenance to root cause analysis and advanced simulations.

Jotne EPM Technology

Jotne EPM Technology data products have successfully reduced development and product lifecycle costs through the use of intelligent data management in the areas of Defense, Aeronautics, Oil & Gas, Built Environment and Aerospace. Jotne EPM Technology is a leader in the development of standardsbased software products specializing:

-Product Data Exchange

-Product Lifecycle Management

-Long-term data & product OAIS archiving

-Data validation & verification, code checking -Rules based data modeling

-Cross-platform data sharing

Our suite of products is based upon the EXPRESS Data Manager™ (EDM) utilizing ISO standards, particularly STEP ISO 10303 the Standard for the Exchange of Product Model data. Jotne EPM Technology has been developing STEP ISO 10303 Product Data Exchange software products since 1994. Jotne EPM Technology can deliver every level of data management solution. From a full Product Lifecycle Modeling server to an OAIS archiving server to specialized developer tools to integrate proprietary based applications with open standards. For an overview of Jotnes’ work in the digital twin space please follow the embedded links to: A digital twin presentation and the Arrowhead digital twin use case.

Step Solutions

As one of the main independent control system integrators in Norway, Industrial Automation is our pedigree. From 2014 and onwards we have had a strong focus on innovation, and have brought forward a range of solutions to become the go-to OT-IT data capture specialist. All our solutions are compatible with standard industrial protocols, and the control system/EDGE IPC hardware complies with industrial demands and standards.

Our focus and drive is to enable OT-IT integration which delivers:

Real-time data stream – high resolution data up to 1 msec Continous data stream – capture all events and transcients Local buffring of data – no loss of data Maintain control system integrity – remove traditional vectors of cyber attack Facilitate for smartness on IoT/EDGE/IPC level – real-time monitoring AND control.