Advance in Edge Computing and AI applications has pushed Edge Intelligence (EI) to the horizon. Today, the development of technologies such as powerful IoT data, edge devices, storage, wireless communication, and security and privacy make it possible to run AI algorithms on the edge. AI applications, such as connected vehicles, connected health, smart manufacturing and smart home are good examples of domains benefitting from the possibilities of running analytics on the edge. In the future EI scenario, advanced AI and machine learning algorithms will be optimized to run on the edge capable of dealing features like video frames, natural speech information, time-series data and unstructured data generated by cameras, microphones, and other sensors without uploading data to the cloud and waiting for the response.

Migrating the AI functions from the cloud to the edge is highly regarded by industry and academy. However, the edge capability depends on the application and several practical factors, such as memory availability, performance needs, cost, and energy consumption. This will determine how much inferencing and analysis can be done at the edge leading to the common solution of intelligence being distributed between the cloud and edge device.

Therefore, DAIS – Distributed Artificial Intelligent System, a pan-European effort with 47 partners from 11 countries, aims at creating an intelligence centred heterogeneous distributed edge computing systems and solutions. DAIS approach is to develop intelligent, secure and trustworthy systems for industrial applications to provide comprehensive cost and energy-efficient solutions of intelligent, end-to-end secure, trustworthy connectivity and interoperability to bring the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence together. DAIS will foster cooperation between big industrial players from various domains, a number of highly innovative SMEs distributed all over Europe and cutting-edge research organisations and universities. The project features a large variety of industry-driven use cases embedded into various application domains, i.e. Digital Life, Digital Industry and Smart Mobility. The demonstration of DAIS solutions in cross-industrial environments will generate huge impact ranging from citizens up to European stakeholders. DAIS will establish the EU as a centre for intelligent, secure and trustworthy systems for industrial applications enabled by a strong industry with a good reputation and an informed society ensuring AI based products and services to comply with European values and proudly being “Made in Europe”.