Czech Republic

Brno University of Technology

◼ Large technical university, founded in 1899

◼ Team from the Faculty of Information Technology has participated in many relevant projects, we focus on embedded intelligence, IoT, edge-cloud computation, and applied machine learning

◼ We are also responsible for the Master/Doctoral program in AI

Institute of Microelekctronic Applications LTD.

IMA s.r.o. is a limited private company located in Praha and Pardubice (Czech Republic). Being on the market since 1992, IMA follows up micro technologies bridging towards nanotechnology. IMA deals with electronic identification and utilizes smart cards, RFID/NFC, biometrics and wireless IoT technologies. IMA represents CZ in ISO and CEN groups for standards in the health care domain. Providing large systems in CZ, IMA is now launching applications hosted in NFC mobile sets and collaborating with mobile operators on management of identities. Within real applications running, IMA is piloting various advanced technologies.

Technical University of Liberec

The WITOL® system is unique technical solution for many industrial applications. The aim of the study is to observe the possibilities of microelectronic elements application for the new function adding. The electronic elements implementation a new possible use of WITOL® system can caused. This study describes a geometrical and technical possibilities of electronic elements installation and CAD/CAE simulation of the mechanical behavior of the target eWITOL assembly. The potentially used kind of electronic elements are force, torque and displacement sensors for example. Tecnical University of Liberec (TUL) will be collaborate of develop the eWitol with BUT and IMA. TUL will be focusing for the shape of mechanical parts and possible applicable material of eWitol demonstrator. Design and material will be chosen in accordance with requirements for electronic component installation by IMA. The mechanical structure recommendations list will be prepared.